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18th February, 2011

Welcome, dear reader, to highlights of our activities during 2008/2009.
Contact: info@mimecentre.com

In October, 2009, Adam Darius appeared at the World Dance Festival in the Venezuelan island of Isla Margarita, the participants including dancers from Kenya to Korea. In addition to his performances, Adam conducted two master classes in emotional release and expressive mime and was the subject of a documentary.

At the Festival's conclusion, for "his distinctive excellence in the art of movement", Adam was awarded the Order of Luis Manuel Guterriez from the Estado Nueva Esparta in Venezuela.

Returning to Finland, Adam and Kazimir appeared in Tears of a Clown, their children's performance given at Sellosali in Espoo. The following day they taught classes for many of the children who had been in the audience.

During their lessons, they were touched by the drawings and compositions with which the children (aged 8 - 10) had conveyed their impression of them the day before on stage.

Posted 2nd October, 2009

As a gift to the reader from www.mimecentre.com, Adam Darius's latest book, a novella called Death in Damascus, published 1st October, 2009, can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF below:

  Of this new book, Syrian Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Riad Ismat has written: "Adam Darius has captured the ambience of Damascus...the chilling incident in the Netherlands overwhelms the reader...I was thrilled by his sensitivity in dealing both with his subject matter and the dance world...I was intrigued, the dialogue in his novella exceptionally good, very dramatic and rich, with conflicts and confrontation...I hadn't read such a work on the dance world before, with so much wealth of information and precise psychological analysis."  

Later in October, Adam Darius will appear at a dance and mime festival in Isla Margarita, a paradise island off the coast of Venezuela. In addition to his performances, he will conduct two master classes in emotional release and expressive mime.

Posted 15th August, 2009

In a recent article in the Russian Wikipedia on the six greatest mime artists of the past three centuries, they listed
1. Jean-Gaspard Deburau
Foremost of the early 19th century Parisian mimes
2. Etienne Decroux
Father of the French school of mime
3. Marcel Marceau
Etienne Decroux's most famous student
4. Jean-Louis Barrault
Finest French actor and mime star of the classic film Les Enfants du Paradis
5. Adam Darius
Who first triumphed in the then Soviet Union in 1971 and went on to appear in over 80 countries
6. Anatoliy Yelizarov
A ranking Russian mime artist

For those who wish to read further on the career of Adam Darius, go to

In July, Kazimir Kolesnik directed three videos for the Finnish-Bhangra pop group Shava. All three videos featured guest Bhangra hip hop artist King G Mall, the Indian British based king of the Bhangra Dhol drum.

Posted 25th June, 2009

In the world of Finnish circus, Kazimir directed shows for the Lahti Circus School under the aegis of Salpaus Koulutuskeskus; U-Turn(2008), performed at the Cirko Circus Festival in Helsinki, as well as 3.3.(2008) presented at the opening of the 2008 Tampere Finnish Youth Circus Festival. Additionally, he directed That's Alright Mama(2008) and Mosh(2009), a heavy metal circus gothic freak show.

He co-directed with Martina Linder, Sukris(2008), for Circus Helsinki.

For the second season running, he again choreographed and directed for the TV reality show called Sirkus for YLE 2(2008).

His prize-winning vertical rope number for Pinja Schönberg, called Mina(2008), won a special prize for "innovative choreography/technique"at the Soly Circo Competition in Sylt, Germany. As for Wild Dances (2009) for the Shetland Baton Twirlers, it won first prize at the Scottish championships in Edinburgh.

In 2008 he was invited by UNESCO to deliver a speech in Skopje, Macedonia on Dance As A Bridge Linking Diverse Cultures.

His 12th book, Arabesques Through Time, continues to garner positive reviews world-wide.

In April 2009, he delivered a tribute to the Hungarian/Italian choreographer, Susanna Egri, under the auspices of the University of Torino in Italy.

His latest play, Che Guevara: myth and reality, first took root after Adam and Kazimir danced for Fidel Castro in Cuba, then later appeared in Rosario, Argentina, birthplace of the famous guerrilla. Adam's extensive research queries how a medical doctor, once pledged to preserve life, could reverses directions to destroy it.

Adam and Kazimir continue to dance, a recent appearance being in Alexandria, Egypt where the seashore still resonates with images of Cleopatra's purple and gold flotilla of ships. In that legendary city, both he and Kazimir appeared in Death of a Scarecrow at the Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups. A few days later they appeared in their children's performance, Tears of a Clown. They also taught several workshops in physical theatre for young Egyptian actors.

In February of 2009, they appeared at Sellosali in Espoo, Finland in Death of a Scarecrow for an enthusiastic audience, a seasonal snowstorm seemingly no deterrent for full attendance.

In March 2009, Adam and Kazimir returned from Skopje, Macedonia where, at the Macedonian National Theatre, they appeared in Death of a Scarecrow, their timeless repertoire continuing to exert its power. Both artists also taught grateful drama students at the National Academy of Dramatic Art.

Adam, despite his demanding schedule, continues to teach in Helsinki. Among his students are the Butoh performer Osku Leinonen and the Tapiola Sinfonietta violinist Leena Tuomisto Saarikoski, for whom he has created a repertoire of a lady clown with violin. Last but not least, there is Jonsu, leading singer of the very successful all-girl Finnish pop group, Indica, as she readies her first album in English.

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